Precision Shooting Projectiles

Precision shooting projectiles


PRECISION SHOOTING PROJECTILES are a match grade CNC machined monolithic VLD bullet, originally designed by Bruce Wellington from Australia. Our aerodynamic design allows for a highly accurate, super efficient, high performance, long range projectile specifically for target /varmint / tactical applications with the use of the latest in custom build high velocity long range capable rifles. Although not designed as a hunting bullet, these projectiles have proven to be effective in certain hunting applications.

Hand loading

PRECISION SHOOTING PROJECTILES load development would be done as with any other bullet. With their longer ogive point being a slight taper, it is possible to have the projectile touching the rifling of the barrel without causing pressure problems.

Due to the design of our bullet, the seating depth is longer than most standard magazine boxes can accommodate, thus you will use your rifle as a single shot platform.

The high grade brass/alloy and our design template used minimises fouling normally associated with the use of monolithic bullets.

CAUTION: Consult propellant manufactures guideline for load data. Always pay attention to detail when hand loading.

Quality control

Precision shooting projectiles are manufactured using the latest state of the art CNC lathes, programmed by experts in their field.

Every projectile undergoes several stringent “ZERO TOLERANCE” quality controls to ensure that only the very best make the grade, if a projectile is not within spec you the shooter will never see it.